Care is the dedication that goes beyond just doing our jobs well. It is why we do what we do. And you will find it in the actions of all of our people. It’s what compels us to want you to achieve the highest levels of performance. Care is what motivates us to reach the highest levels of groundbreaking research and innovation that ensures we will be there when you need us today, or 20 years from now. Meet the people of KYZEN who are driving our mission forward, who work at the heart of where science and care converge.

Team Members

Chuck Sexton

Global Product Line Manager, Industrial

Debbie Carboni

Global Product Line Manager, Electronics

Joe McChesney

Global Product Line Manager, Solvents

Jason Chan

Global Product Line Manager, Advanced Packaging / Semiconductor

Fernando Rueda

Sales Manager, Americas

Ronnie Teoh

Sales Manager, Southeast Asia

Phil Zhang

Sales Manager, China

Julia Vielhaber

Sales Manager, Europe

David Carpenter

Global Operations Manager

KJ Lee

Sales Manager, North Asia

Vincent Lim

Operations Manager, Penang, MY

Dirk Ellis

Engineering Services Manager

Sherry Stepp

Global Marketing Manager

BeeBee Tay

Controller, Asia

Jane Zhan

Controller, China