Kyle Doyel

President and CEO

Kyle_Doyel_headshotKyle Doyel is the innovative spiritual leader of KYZEN who prefers a low profile and highly successful product development.

As inventor, scientist and global entrepreneur, he believes no engineering problem should go unsolved. Kyle has committed his life’s work to consistently creating better solutions for the electronics and metal finishing industries through the convergence of science and care.

Kyle leads KYZEN’s research and development team and has created the most celebrated environmentally friendly cleaning products in the world. He started his career at Alcoa Chemical as a process chemical engineer responsible for the quality of finished products. He later expanded his responsibilities by going to Kaiser Chemical Products. He was invited to join the Chemical Division of Great Lakes Chemical Company, where he developed innovative new chemical uses for agricultural waste.

In 1990, Mr. Doyel co-Founded KYZEN Corporation with Dr. Mike Bixenman. His rare determination and commitment to clean science is his life’s work. Kyle holds more than a dozen patents, and he has authored a long list of respected industry papers and articles.

Kyle has received many industry awards for his work in developing innovative chemical cleaning technologies. In 2004, he was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Engineers at Oregon State University. In 2009, Oregon State University also honored him with the inaugural Weatherford Award for Entrepreneurs and Innovators.