Next Generation Aqueous Cleaning Solution

When your name means continuous improvement…

You are never satisfied with good enough. Introducing a product that is the result of hundreds of hours of lab and field testing, is environmentally friendly and removes all of the latest and traditional flux residues. KYZEN’s newest addition to the Award Winning AQUANOX product line is AQUANOX A4626.

AQUANOX A4626 is a next generation cleaning chemistry designed to quickly remove the latest polymeric no-clean flux residues, while providing superior results on traditional lead-free and eutectic tin-lead residues as well. Easy to use and control, A4626 is environmentally friendly, has a long tank life and is safe for multi-pass applications.

  • Optimized for Today’s Challenging No-Clean Residues
  • Highly Effective for Jettable Paste Applications
  • Eco-Friendly, Low VOC Solution
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • KYZEN ANALYST Compatible

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Case Study

New Advanced Aqueous Cleaner Used in
AT Trident Trio Batch Cleaner


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