AQUANOX A4727 is an award-winning electronics assembly cleaning solution that provides exceptional results when cleaning printed circuit boards and advanced packaging assemblies. A4727 has been lab and field-tested in spray-in-air processes and has proven effective on all solder flux residues, including the most difficult Pb-free and no-clean formulations. AQUANOX A4727 meets your cleaning requirements with advanced technology that gives a stable pH, superior rinsability and predictable compatibility throughout its long bath life.

AQUANOX A4727 is used at low concentrations to remove even the toughest soils on complex, dense assemblies. A4727 is engineered to be effective, stable and predictable, all day, every day and is compatible with a wide variety of components, coatings, labels, and equipment. AQUANOX A4727 is cost-effective, non-hazardous, biodegradable and contains no CFCs or HAPs.

Product Data
Application: PCB Cleaning
Typical Process
Process: Spray-in-Air
Concentration: 10-15%
Temperature: 140°F / 60°C
Rinse: DI Water
Dry: Forced / Heat Air
Product Properties
pH (10g/L): 9.6
Flash Point: >210°F / >99°C
Boiling Point: 282°F / 139°C
Water Soluble: Partial
VOC, @ 10% 82.4 g/L

NOTE: The above process parameters are recommendations based on extensive testing done in KYZEN’s application lab. Your KYZEN sales representative can assist you in optimizing your process parameters.

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