METALNOX M6095 is designed to be highly effective at the removal of metal oxide after thermal deburring processes. M6095 is effective in spray, immersion, and ultrasonic applications at moderately low concentrations. When used in spray applications at temperatures above 130°F (54°C), METALNOX M6095 produces no foam.

METALNOX M6095 contains no phosphoric or sulfuric acids and instead utilizes neutral pH, chelating and sequestering agents to remove and dissolve iron oxide from steel parts that have been thermally deburred. M6095 produces no solids in the oxide removal process.

Product Data
Typical Process
Process: Spray, Immersion & Ultrasonic System
Concentration: 5-15%
Temperature: 140-160°F / 60-71°C
Rinse: Optional
Dry: Air
Product Properties
pH (10g/L): 6.1
Flash Point: None to Boiling
Boiling Point: 221°F / 105°C
Water Soluble: Complete
VOC, @ 10% 0.0 g/L

NOTE: The above process parameters are recommendations based on extensive testing done in KYZEN’s application lab. Your KYZEN sales representative can assist you in optimizing your process parameters.

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