METALNOX M6381 is a hydrocarbon solvent cleaner formulated for use in continuously regenerated solvent cleaning machines and is commonly used to clean parts supplied to the automotive, electronics, aerospace and other high-tech industries. M6381 is most effective in immersion, manual, and vacuum degreasing applications. METALNOX M6381 rapidly cleans the non-polar, petrochemical oils used for cutting, machining, drawing and lubricating metal parts.

METALNOX M6381 is an aliphatic hydrocarbon blend specially designed for heavy-duty cleaning of oils, waxes, grease and shop dirt while being safe on ferrous, copper alloys, magnesium, aluminum, plastics rubbers, glass and ceramics. M6381 has a low odor and dries completely without leaving residue. METALNOX M6381 is best paired with KYZEN’s Acid Stabilizer Kit 81 to monitor acid levels and determine the amount of KYZEN Booster 81 to prevent acid build-up. For corrosion protection, use KYZEN CP81 following the cleaning process to coat the parts with a protective barrier, allowing them to be stored without the risk of rust formation.

Product Data
Typical Process
Process: Vacuum Degreasers, Immersion Systems or Manual
Concentration: 100%
Temperature: Dependent on Process
Rinse: Optional as Required
Dry: Air
Product Properties
pH (10g/L): N/A (Solvent-Based)
Flash Point: 142°F/61°C
Boiling Point: 354°F/179°C
Water Soluble: Not Soluble
VOC, @ 100% 762 g/L

NOTE: The above process parameters are recommendations based on extensive testing done in KYZEN’s application lab. Your KYZEN sales representative can assist you in optimizing your process parameters.

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