MICRONOX MX2708 is formulated for the demanding cleaning challenges presented within leadless devices such as low standoff gaps and fine pitches of Cu Pillar flip chips, 2.5D/3D ICs, SiP and AiP. MX2708 completely removes organic acid residue of all kinds at low, safe operating concentrations all while having no effect on exposed metal and intermetallic alloys including Cu, Al, Sn, Pb, Ni, Ag, and Au finishes. MICRONOX MX2708 most effectively cleans organic acid flux residues at lower concentrations in spray-in-air cleaning systems.

MICRONOX MX2708 is a balanced cleaning agent designed around the critical process conditions that match the cleaning agent with water-soluble fluxes and pastes. Because of the very low surface tension, MX2708 offers superior cleaning under highly dense die and rinses freely and completely without reacting with exposed metals or damaging substrates.

Product Data
Application: Flip Chip Cleaning
Typical Process
Process: Spray-in-Air
Concentration: 3-7%
Temperature: 140-149°F / 60-65°C
Rinse: DI Water
Dry: Hot Air
Product Properties
pH (10g/L): 9.8
Flash Point: >210°F / 99°C
Boiling Point: 266°F / 130°C
Water Soluble: Complete
VOC, @ 10% 90.1 g/L

NOTE: The above process parameters are recommendations based on extensive testing done in KYZEN’s application lab. Your KYZEN sales representative can assist you in optimizing your process parameters.

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