Most ICs employ wire bonding packaging technology this includes, power module devices such as IGBT and many automotive components. End users continue to demand more functionality which frequently results in higher power consumption.

In addition to these increasing functional enhancements, OSATs have their own challenges to increase product yield and more importantly reliability as many “consumer-grade” products evolve into high reliability applications such as autonomous car, where failure cannot be tolerated.

Post die-attach, cleaning has become a value adding step to achieve the yields required in post wire bonding and molding processes.

High Pb soldering process for connecting chip and Cu lead frame are common for IGBT, automotive and others high reliability devices.. With peak reflow temperatures from 350-400 degree C, these high lead flux materials result in very tough/hard even char flux residue.

Wire bond manufacturing and reliability must factor in both corrosion potential and oxidation behavior of each metal at different environmental conditions. Different wire bond metal systems such as Aluminum –Aluminum (Al-Al), Gold-Aluminum (Au-Al), and Copper-Aluminum (Cu-Al) require different manufacturing parameters and behave differently under the same use environments. With copper and aluminum becoming the preferred material for wire bonding interconnects, engineered cleaning agents must exhibit superior metal compatibility. The cleaning material must not corrode or tarnish exposed metals when cleaning the device.

KYZEN’S MICRONOX Engineered Cleaning agents remove inorganic and organic soils from the lead frame in preparation for wire bonding. The cleaning fluids are compatible with Al, Cu, Pd, Ag, and Au. When cleaning with MICRONOX engineered cleaning agents, DI water rinsing prepares the part for the wire bonding process.


  • Effectively on all types of flux residues
  • Superior metal compatibility on exposed sensitive metals
  • Aluminum, Copper and Nickel safe
  • Long bath life in immersion cleaning systems
  • Wide process window

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