Batch cleaning machines are designed to efficiently wash, rinse, and dry assemblies in a small footprint. Groups of electronic assemblies are sealed inside the machine where they are typically washed, rinsed, and dried in a single main process chamber, hence the name “Batch”.  This design reduces overall chemical consumption and exhaust emissions versus conveyorized systems.  These systems are most often used for small to medium production volumes.

Batch washers often have at least one set of either rotating or oscillating spray manifolds to provide coverage throughout the chamber.  To achieve maximum results on challenging no-clean or high-lead flux residues, the wash exposure times may be extended.  KYZEN incorporates robust inhibition technology into our Aquanox family of products to ensure your solder joints aren’t just clean but brilliant even after long or multiple washes.

The trade-off for compact size and high chemical efficiency is often slower production throughput.  This has led the industry to develop new hybrid designs utilizing an array of process tanks or chambers that can operate in parallel.

KYZEN’s Aquanox products are flexible, allowing customers that have both batch and in-line cleaning systems to use the same product in both.   Best-in-Class cleaning agents match up to the soil(s) to rapidly solubilize them and match the process equipment without material compatibility concerns.

Aquanox cleaning agents are specifically formulated to match to the soil(s) being removed and be compatible with all of machine designs being used. The best cleaning chemistry choice is often dependent on the machine and soil characteristics.

Aquanox A4241

  • Ideally suited for batch spray-in-air cabinet style cleaning machines
  • Strong match to water soluble and rosin flux types
  • Cleans many low residue flux types dependent on wash concentration levels
  • Best in Class compatibility with aluminum, copper, tin and lead
  • Excellent choice for cleaning B-Side Misprints

Aquanox A4625B

  • Ideally suited for batch spray-in-air cabinet and planar cleaning machines
  •  Strong match to low residue no clean flux types
  • Best in Class for lead-free no clean flux residues

Aquanox A4639

  • Ideally suited for batch spray-in-air and cabinet and planar cleaning machines
  • Excellent compatibility with aluminum, copper, tin and lead
  • Designed to clean all flux types

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