KYZEN offers an array of PCB cleaning agents that are formulated to take advantage of an inline aqueous spray washer’s powerful combination of high flow, impact energy, and deflective forces.  These conveyorized machines provide the highest production throughput and faster fluid penetration under low-gap components like challenging QFNs.  However, they require more space on the production floor, generally consume more chemistry than a batch-style cabinet washer, and have more emissions to the environment.

Inline aqueous spray washers are desirable for many reasons. However, if not closely controlled, they can quickly inflate your cost of cleaning.

KYZEN has designed products for this application for over 30 years. At the same time, we have provided expert field support to optimize the machine configuration. This precisely controls the amount of chemistry used and reduces emissions.  We call this philosophy “Wash Tank Conditioning.”

Cleaner to match any machine and soil characteristics

Successful electronics cleaning and flux removal on highly dense PCB assemblies require matching the best aqueous cleaning agent to the flux residues at the optimal temperature and concentration. At the same time, you should take full advantage of the fluid dynamics provided by the in-line cleaning system.

It’s more than chemistry; it’s a KYZEN total process solution.

KYZEN’s AQUANOX family of cleaning agents are designed to match the soil(s) being cleaned and the cleaning machine design. The best cleaning chemistry choice is often dependent on the machine and soil characteristics.

Choose the AQUANOX for inline aqueous spray washers


  • Optimized for today’s challenging polymeric no-clean flux residues.
  • Highly effective for jettable paste applications.
  • Provides superior results on traditional lead-free and eutectic tin-lead residues.


  • Eco-Friendly; Low VOC solution.
  • Strong match to low residue no-clean flux types.
  • Versatile proven cleaning technology.


  • Enhanced pH Neutral cleaning solution.
  • Fully tested & effective on a wide range of difficult solder paste formulas.
  • Consistent results and stable bath life.


  • OA Flux Residue Cleaning Chemistry.
  • Highly effective on dense low stand-off assemblies.
  • Wide material compatibility window.


  • Designed for hard-to-clean fluxes in short wash cycles.
  • Low operating concentration.
  • Excellent compatibility with aluminum, copper, tin, and lead.

Process Control Center

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