VaporDegreasing 20|20: Highly-Effective, Environmentally Responsible

The standard vapor degreasing cleaning process is integrated around an engineered solvent composition that dissolves (matches up) with the soil(s) being removed. The engineered cleaning fluid is often a blend of solvents which behave like an azeotrope, forming a constant boiling system at a specific temperature range. Due to their high vapor pressure, boiling typically occurs at relatively low temperatures. Many vapor degreasing fluids are composed of halogenated hydrocarbons that allow the fluid to boil at desirable temperatures and render a non-flammable composition.

Vapor degreasing is a simple process. When it matches up with the soil and part being cleaned, the process efficiencies are highly desirable. There are two limiting factors with typical vapor degreasing cleaning fluids, however:

  1. The inability of the solvent composition to dissolve certain soil(s) on the assembly
  2. The environmental and work place hazards associated with chlorinated and brominated solvents.

KYZEN Introduces VaporDegreasing 20|20: A Proven Effective Process That’s Clean and “Green”

KYZEN understands how important standard vapor degreasing is to your process, because it cleans effectively and reliably. Unfortunately, it’s environmental, health and safety performance is not as positive. Our commitment to the convergence of science and care inspired our scientists to develop processes that work within a conventional vapor degreaser and eliminate the negative environmental and health risk.

The successful outcome is KYZEN’s VaporDegreasing 20|20, providing the reliability of today’s vapor degreasing cleaning while dramatically improving the environmentally responsible attributes. We call it clean and green. These processes give you the same, if associated family of chemistries work on a variety of soils and substrates. They are also recyclable in VaporDegreasing 20|20 processes. A simple update to your current vapor degreaser and use of the associated chemistries allows you to boil off and recapture your solvent for use time and time again. This saves time and money while reducing exposure. This waterless process delivers quality cleaning outcomes offered by standard vapor degreasing while overcoming health, cleaning, and material limitations associated with traditional vapor degreasing solvents.

VaporDegreasing 20|20’s DuoSolvent Solution and the Conventional Vapor Degreaser Process

The DuoSolvent™ cleaning process was developed in an effort to generate a cleaning process that works within a vapor degreaser and eliminates the need for a water rinse.

DuoSolvent™ technology creates the benefits of a vapor degreasing process without the hazards.

The DuoSolvent™ process incorporates an engineered cleaning solvent that matches a wider range of residues and is then rinsed with an environmentally friendly rinsing solvent. A unique feature of the DuoSolvent™ process is a secondary distillation process that removes the solvating agent dragout in combination with soils that are accumulated in the rinse fluid boil sump. The parts are rinsed with a fluorinated rinsing fluid. The vapor blanket formed from the rinsing fluid is condensed, drained into the final rinse tank and overflowed back into the boil sump. This waterless process provides the beneficial properties of vapor degreasing while overcoming health, cleaning, and material limitations associated with common vapor degreasing solvents used today.

KYZEN cleaning chemistries designed for VaporDegreasing 20|20 and DuoSolvent™ Cleaning include:

Solstice® Performance Fluids

  • NASA preferred replacement for AK225
  • VOC Exempt per South Coast Air Quality Management District (SC AQMD)
  • Low Oder
  • GWP 1
  • No Flash Point


  • Waterless cleaning process
  • Compatible with all soldering materials and metal layers
  • Highly effective on fluxes, oils, greases and particulate matter
  • Extended Bath life

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