KYZEN offers CYBERSOLV C8882 as a safe alcohol alternative to be used in your handheld ultrasonic transducer stencil cleaner. We have proven compatibility with all manufacturers of the equipment and offer step-by-step instructions on how to correctly use these products for a successful cleaning process.

Cleaning the Stencil as it comes from the printer is necessary to remove trace levels of solder paste from the apertures. Automated stencil cleaning machines are highly effective at thoroughly cleaning stencils. However, one drawback of the automated stencil cleaning process is liquid waste which can come from the cleaning agent, rinse water, filters and solder alloys. The handheld ultrasonic transducer method collects the metal alloys into disposable paper. The paper can then be incinerated to recover the metal, leaving no liquid waste.

Step 1: The stencil is placed into a frame that’s mounted over a specially designed foam pad that is overlain with disposable paper. A cleaning solvent (CYBERSOLV C8882) is sprayed onto the under-screen paper.


Step 2: The stencil is placed into a support frame and lowered over the foam pad that’s overlaid with under-screen paper. A cleaning solvent (CYBERSOLV C8882) is then sprayed over the stencil apertures.


Step 3: Move Ultrasonic transformer over stencil openings. The transducer is operated via foot switch.


Step 4: Lift the support frame to its raised position to allow top and underside drying.


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