Off-line manual stencil cleaning is a simple, easy, and effective method that is a great option (and in some cases the only option) for several reasons.

  • Cost Savings – Although automated stencil cleaning systems are advantageous, they can also be costly. If looking to cut costs, manual stencil cleaning is a better option.
  • Best for Low Volume Production – When working with materials that do not demand high throughput, off-line manual stencil cleaning provides the best way to ensure the accuracy of each print.
  • Does Not Take Up Room – Stencil cleaning machines can be large and bulky taking up room on the floor. This is not necessary for a clean stencil.

There are two steps for successful off-line manual stencil cleaning.Manual stencil cleaning

Step 1: Remove excess solder paste from the surface of the stencil.

Step 2: Apply cleaning chemistry and wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove remaining residue.

A proper cleaning agent must be used so that nothing is left behind in apertures after being wiped.

CYBERSOLV C8882 and KYZEN E5631J are recommended for manual hand cleaning applications to effectively removes all solder paste residue following the printing process. *Both cleaning products are also recommended for on printer understencil wiping applications.


  • Removes all flux types
  • Fast drying
  • Does not interact or remove nano coatings

  • Improves solder paste release from even the smallest of apertures
  • Does not interact or remove nano coatings

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