The desirable properties of a stencil cleaning agent are:
(1) the ability to rapidly dissolve the solder paste flux vehicle
(2) material compatibility with the nano-coating and equipment
(3) non-flammable
(4) low odor
(5) rinse with water or cleaning agent.

KYZEN offers two technology options for matching up to spray-in-air aqueous cleaning equipment.

  1. AQUANOX A8820 is a Micro-Cell Engineered stencil cleaning agent that partially dissolves in water. The active cleaning agent forms a micro-cell when mixed with water. The micro-cell wets and dissolves flux while releasing solder spheres. A8820 can be rinsed with either water or a filtered cleaning agent.


A8820 Wets and Dissolves Organic Soils

  1. AQUANOX A8831 is a low VOC aqueous stencil cleaning that is soluble with water upon dilution. A8831 has little to no odor and is compatible with stencil hardware and a wide range of seal materials and plastic piping.


A8831 designed for aqueous spray-in-air followed by a water rinse

Step 1a: AQUANOX A8820: Charge the machine with 75-80% water and 20-25% A8820. No heat is required.

Step 1b: AQUANOX A8831: Charge the machine with 88-90% water. Heating the wash solution to 30-40C can both improve performance and will reduce foam spreading.

Step 2: Program the machine for the wash cycle time of roughly 5 minutes.

Step 3:After the wash process, the stencil is rinsed with either filtered cleaning agent or water.

Step 4: Program the machine with needed dry cycle time.

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