KYZEN offers a full range of corrosion inhibitors, rust preventatives, anti-tarnish and rust-inhibitors for all types of manufacturing and storage needs.  We have products which impart dry films, and those which impart oil films.  We offer corrosion inhibitors engineered for protecting steel, and other products designed specifically for soft metals.
Our corrosion inhibitors will accommodate the vast range of process types.  For example, we offer oil based inhibitors for immersion, and oil-in-water emulsion products (sprayable oils) for spray applications.  We have products designed for use in precision vacuum vapor degreaser systems.

Protection for Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Bronze
aqueous products provide up 90 day protection for steel, and greater than 180 day protection for aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze.  These products provide dry-film protection with little to no visible film on the part surface.  In many applications, these films do not impede subsequent operations such as painting and welding. Our oil based products provide long term protection for both steel and soft metals.  This protection is greater than 90 days, for many applications.

State of the Art Center for Corrosion Protection
Our Nashville Technical Center has a state-of-the-art, programmable, controlled-atmosphere chamber for measuring and evaluating corrosion protection.  We offer this service to both existing and prospective customers.

Steel Processes:
Type of Protection Product
Aqueous – Dry Film KYZEN CP90S, METALNOX M6324CP
Oil In Water Emulsion CP90E
Water Displacing Oil CP90D
Nitrite – Dry Film KYZEN CP90N
Hydrocarbon – Oil Film KYZEN CP81
Modified Alcohol – Oil Film KYZEN CP86
Aluminum Processes:
Type of Protection Product
Aqueous – Dry Film METALNOX M6310
Brass and Copper Processes:
Type of Protection Product
Aqueous – Dry Film METALNOX M6310

Process Control Center

Improve productivity with advanced products and services that monitor, manage and control your cleaning processes.