KYZEN Brass & Copper products will clean, protect and brighten all types of copper alloys, in a variety of industries, ranging from screw machine parts to decorative hardware. We have copper cleaning chemical products designed to remove a variety of soils including copper oxide/tarnish, buffing compounds and oils.

Spray / Ultrasonic / Immersion with Agitation
Whatever your cleaning process you will find your parts washing solution in the KYZEN Metalnox family of precision cleaning products and backed by KYZEN’s Applications and Evaluation Laboratory. KYZEN has just the right parts cleaning solution for your application with added corrosion protection built in.

Soil Suggested Product
Light Soils METEALNOX M6310
Heavy Soils METALNOX M6310

Vacuum Vapor Degreasing
Answering the needs of engineers in all fields including military, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, and medical devices, KYZEN Corporation offers modern vacuum vapor degreasing cleaning chemistries that meet our customers’ needs for safe, environmentally acceptable solvents for their most critical cleaning applications. KYZEN offers products with corrosion inhibition built in to save you time and money.

Soil Suggested Product
Oils (Non-Polar) Metalnox M6381CP
Oils (Polar) Metalnox M6380CP

Process Control Center

Improve productivity with advanced products and services that monitor, manage and control your cleaning processes.