KYZEN offers cleaning products for a variety of specialty applications encountered in the manufacturing industries. These include: stainless steel passivation, phosphatizing, defoamers, rust removal, descalers, and a host of others. We have cleaning chemistries which are mil spec compliant for aerospace applications. We offer electrochemical products used in Metal Finishing and pre-coating operations.

Solstice PF, meets all of your Oxygen Systems Cleaning needs. This chemistry is now the preferred replacement to AK225 for Oxygen Cleaning Systems for NASA. It’s offered for use in vapor degreasing as well as in aerosol form.

For stainless steel passivation, KYZEN offers a very effective citric acid based product, METALNOX M6093. This product offers both performance and safety advantages over Nitric acid passivation products. M6093 test results consistently conform to the ASTM test specifications.

Our aerospace products have been tested for a variety of Mil Spec procedures and have been deemed compliant for many applications regarding aerospace aluminum and other alloys.

KYZEN offers safe rust removal product based on phosphoric acid with Metalnox M6091. We also offer a product formulated for cleaning and rust removal with Metalnox M6093. These products are for use in both spray and immersion operations where oil removal and metal oxide removal are involved.

Process / Treatment


The passivation process removes “free iron” contamination left behind on the surface of the stainless steel from machining and fabricating. These contaminants are potential corrosion sites that result in premature corrosion and ultimately result in deterioration of the component if not removed. In addition, the passivation process facilitates the formation of a thin, transparent oxide film that protects the stainless steel from selective oxidation (corrosion).

Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: METALNOX M6093 – a citric acid formulation designed to be effective on metal oxides, scale, rust, carbonaceous soils and other hard to remove industrial soils. It can be used on a variety of metals including steel and aluminum. For safe stainless steel passivation a concentration up to 25% is recommended.


Removing certain soils may create foam in the wash or rinse tanks during a cleaning cycle. A small addition of a defoaming agent will manage or eliminate the foam.

Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: KYZEN DF-7 – a blend of ingredients specially designed to be effective at all temperatures to reduce foam in aqueous cleaning systems. DF-7 is easy to use and applied as received directly into the wash or rinse sumps.


KYZEN offers products for your Electrochemical cleaning process. Removing soil by the chemical action caused or sustained by a current of electricity in a chemical compound that ionizes when dissolved to produce an electrically conductive medium.

Suggested KYZEN Chemistries:
Metalnox M6155 for steel
Metalnox M6157 for Aluminum


Phosphating, or conversion coating, is the application of an iron phosphate coating to the substrate. Conversion coating can be a very critical part of the pretreatment process, adding significantly to the performance of the finished coating.
Iron phosphate is the thinnest of phosphate films. In the application process using Metalnox M6060, an iron oxide base is developed, followed by a flat or amorphous metal phosphate topcoat. The treated metal surface will typically have a gray to blue iridescent or blue-gold iridescent color, depending on the coating weight and the base metal.

Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: METALNOX M6060 – an effective pre-coating treatment chemistry for both aluminum and steel. M6060 is used at low concentrations prior to coating operations for cleaning and phosphatizing, or strictly phosphatizing.
KYZEN offers an alkaline chemistry designed to clean aluminum, titanium and other materials commonly used in the military and aerospace industries that conforms to many AMS and ASTM specifications including ASTM F-1110 (Sandwich Corrosion) and ASTM F-519 (Hydrogen Embrittlement).
Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: METALNOX M6318 – a de-emulsifying agent designed to separate the oils from the cleaner, allowing the oils to be removed easily from the cleaning baths before they can migrate downstream. The result is less maintenance, less waste, a more efficient process and a higher-quality finish.


Whether you are descaling your wash tank or removing rust from parts that need to be reclaimed KYZEN has the product to fit your needs.

Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: METALNOX M6091 – an aqueous acid blend rust and scale remover with a pH of 1. M6091 has a specially selected blend of organic and mineral acids, inhibitors and surfactants designed to be effective on metal oxides, scale, lime deposits, particulates, and other inorganic soils.

Oxygen Systems Cleaning-

No matter whose oxygen system you are cleaning KYZEN has the product to fit your needs.

Suggested KYZEN Chemistry: Solstice PF – a highly effective cleaning solution that is nonflammable, has favorable toxicity properties (OEL of 800 PPM), a low-global-warming-potential of 1, negligible ozone depletion, does not contribute to ground-level smog, and is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) as determined by the U.S. EPA and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SC AQMD). It is suitable for electronics, metal, medical and precision cleaning.

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