KYZEN is a leading provider of precision cleaning solvent solutions, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of replacement solvents. Our continual focus on improvement delivers innovative solvents that both clean and rinse well across multiple applications.

As the global leader in superior-quality environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, our customers know that all our solvent solutions were engineered to future-proof your processes against potential EPA regulatory restrictions.

Precision solvent cleaning solutions for every need

Solvents are crucial substances used to clean objects in different industries like electronics manufacturing and metal finishing. Essentially, a solvent is something that dissolves another substance to make a solution. KYZEN’s solvent product line stands out for exceptional quality and environmental compliance in applications where high compatibility with materials, superior cleaning, and consistent reliability are paramount. Our specialty products cover the spectrum from aerospace-grade vacuum degreasing solvents to precision electronic cleaning solvents. KYZEN solvents consistently meet the stringent requirements of production managers and chemical engineers across sectors, including medical devices and equipment, automotive, defense, precision metal telecommunications, and aerospace industry manufacturing.

KYZEN understands the critical nature of your cleaning processes and offers EPA-compliant solutions that ensure your operations will remain effective and uninterrupted in the future.

Innovative cleaning processes for modern requirements

KYZEN’s vapor degreasing solutions provide superior cleaning while prioritizing worker safety and environmental responsibility. Similarly, our vacuum degreasing chemistries let you replace outdated, environmentally unacceptable solvents with safer, more sustainable products.

Whether your focus is on electronics or metal finishing products, our rapid drying solvent and aqueous cleaning processes deliver unparalleled results.

Find your drop-in replacements for 3M Novec products in this helpful chart.
3M Product KYZEN Product
3M Novec 7100 KYZEN SLV803 & METALNOX M6920
3M Novec 71DE KYZEN SLV901
3M Novec 71DA KYZEN SLV901
3M Novec 72DE KYZEN SLV901
3M Novec 72DA KYZEN SLV901
3M Novec 73DE KYZEN SLV901

Why choose KYZEN?

KYZEN is more than just a supplier; we are your partner in excellence.

Choosing KYZEN means partnering with a company with a deep and proven track record for reliability through the convergence of science and care. Importantly, we’re here to help you select the right chemistries and processes for your specific solvent-cleaning needs, whatever your industry. Future-proof your processes with KYZEN, where state-of-the-art cleaning meets environmental stewardship.

The vapor degreasing cleaning process requires solvent products that are matched to the soils being removed. KYZEN offers engineered solvent options that not only clean but are environmentally responsible.

KYZEN Corporation offers modern vacuum vapor degreasing cleaning chemistries to meet the needs of customers. Our solvents are safe and environmentally responsible for your most critical cleaning applications.

Process Control Center

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