NASHVILLE — April 2023 — KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, will exhibit at EASTEC 2023 scheduled to take place May 16-18 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The KYZEN Clean team will highlight their METALNOX Aqueous and Solvent Cleaners at the show.

With EPA restrictions becoming full force and limitations looming for traditional solvents, KYZEN is making it known that their solvent solutions are the best alternative. The Clean team will be available at EASTEC 2023 to guide you through environmentally friendly and sustainable options. Such options include METALNOX M6355 and METALNOX M6386.

METALNOX M6355 is a Multi-Metal Safe Aqueous Cleaner that effectively removes oils and carbon from aluminum and steel parts without damaging or discoloring. M6355 is designed for spray-in-air, rotary basket, and immersion cleaning systems. It is highly concentrated to provide an exceptionally long bath life.

METALNOX M6386 is a modified alcohol-based solvent designed for use in automated vacuum degreasing cleaning machines featuring continuously regenerated solvent. M6386 is highly effective on paraffinic and water-based oils, cutting fluids and milling fluids commonly used in a variety of machining and stamping operations.

You can learn more about KYZEN’s alternatives for traditional solvents HERE.