NASHVILLE — FEBRUARY 2024 — KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, will exhibit at MECSPE 2024, the international reference fair for the manufacturing industry. The event is scheduled to take place March 6-8, 2024, at BolognaFiere in Bologna, Italy. The KYZEN team will highlight and discuss the benefits of solvent replacement, featuring the solutions KYZEN SLV901 and KYZEN SLV803.

KYZEN provides several safe alternative chemistries to maintain cleaning efficacy in varying processes utilizing solvents to alleviate the pressures resulting in the current phasedown in the production of materials containing PFAS and HFCs.

KYZEN SLV901 is a PFAS-free, non-flammable vapor degreasing fluid engineered to clean a variety of oils, greases, and additional soils common in precision metal manufacturing including the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. SLV901 assists in “future-proofing” vapor degreasing and immersion cleaning processes as a safe drop-in replacement for HFE and HFC solvents.

KYZEN SLV803 is an effective, engineered solvent possessing an ultralow NVR and offering superior performance for critical and precise cleaning in addition to final rinse applications. It is a safe, non-flammable drop-in replacement for nPB, TCE, and other solvents subject to regulation or discontinuation.

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KYZEN is a global leader in providing environmentally responsible, RoHS compliant precision cleaning chemistries for industries ranging from electronics and advanced packaging to metal finishing and aerospace applications. Since its founding in 1990, KYZEN’s innovative cleaning technologies, scientific expertise and customer support have been repeatedly recognized with the industry’s most prestigious awards.