NASHVILLE — KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally responsible cleaning chemistries, will exhibit at the SMTA Capital Expo and Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, March 7, 2024, at Sweeney Barn in Manassas, Virginia. The KYZEN Clean Team will provide expert insight on improving stencil cleaning processes and information about the KYZEN E5631 and E5631J solutions.

KYZEN’s stencil cleaning product line, specifically KYZEN E5631 and E5631J, provides cost-effective solutions for offline and understencil cleaning. These products were formulated to address the challenges that a dirty stencil can create as it pertains to productivity, misprints, and yields.

KYZEN E5631 quickly and efficiently cleans all types of raw solder paste flux from stencils and A-side misprints. It is a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution designed for use at low concentrations and ambient temperature in spray-in-air, understencil, and ultrasonic cleaning systems. KYZEN E5631 is proven compatible with stencil foil, epoxy adhesives, frames, mesh, and the materials comprising stencil cleaning equipment.

KYZEN E5631J is a cost-effective, ready-to-use solution that quickly and efficiently cleans all types of raw solder pastes and cleans uncured adhesives in both online and offline stencil cleaning processes, ensuring every print counts. E5631J has been proven compatible with common stencils, cleaning equipment, and a wide range of printer manufacturers.

Choosing an appropriate stencil cleaning method can be key to improving PCB print quality and process yields. KYZEN is dedicated to assisting in the improvement of these cleaning processes and providing the versatile chemistries to work within them.