NASHVILLE — October 2019 — KYZEN, the global leader in innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, announces that it was awarded a 2019 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Cleaning Materials for its AQUANOX® A4727 Next Generation Aqueous Assembly Cleaner. The award was presented to the company during a Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 ceremony that took place during the SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum. This is the fifth award the company has received for AQUANOX A4727 since its introduction.

“AQUANOX A4727 is a true reflection of KYZEN’s commitment to science and care as it was developed to address the advances of electronic assembly technology and the demand for high reliability,” commented Fernando Rueda, KYZEN’s National Sales Manager of the Americas. “This wonderful addition to our well rounded AQUANOX product line is the result of more than two and a half years of diligent research and extensive field testing. AQUANOX A4727 has improved the value we deliver to our Mexican and global customers, and provides higher levels of performance.”

AQUANOX A4727 is engineered to be effective, stable and predictable. It is designed for reliable production and assembly operations. The chemistry provides a stable pH and predictable compatibility throughout its long bath life.

AQUANOX A4727 is easy to control and cost-effective, and works well in both in-line and batch cleaning systems.  Environmentally responsible, AQUANOX A4727 is non-hazardous and biodegradable. It contains no CFCs or HAPs and can be used at low concentrations to effectively remove even the toughest soils, and rinse easily and completely.

This stable chemistry is proven to be compatible on a wide variety of components, coating, labels and equipment.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers over the last 12 months.

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