When science and care converge, exceptional cleaning results.
Much like a good family doctor who asks what is going on in your life while checking your heartbeat, KYZEN takes a holistic approach of our customers and their cleaning needs. When science and care converge like this, exceptional cleaning results.

We’ll usually begin helping you solve your cleaning challenges by asking lots of questions. We get to know your unique needs and take focused time to fully understand every component. We ask questions about the parts and devices you produce, the specific manufacturing steps, and the cleaning process you are using. We learn about the rules and regulations of your company and the cities and towns where you have locations. Many companies, cities, states and provinces have very strict rules that must be considered when re-evaluating or designing your cleaning process. These rules routinely touch the core elements of environmental, (worker) health and (general) safety of all manufacturing operations often referred to simply as EH&S.

KYZEN’s caring EH&S approach starts in one of our global research laboratories and our own manufacturing facilities. The surest way to provide a safe, responsible product is to design it to be safe and responsible from the very beginning. Our highly-trained researchers constantly evaluate new materials and product formulations to improve both the performance and the safety of your process and our products. This may mean lower VOC products for some areas or low BOD/COD products for others. We help you ensure compliance with your regulatory environment while meeting your manufacturing process needs. It’s a big world with a vast array of rules and regulations to be addressed on a daily basis. And we make it easier for you to navigate.

Not long ago, we connected with an automotive manufacturer that had some real challenges. They had recently been fined by their local government for the use, handling and emissions of a highly regulated chlorinated solvent. Given this experience, the company decided not to consider any “green solvents” but rather to move toward aqueous cleaning technology.

KYZEN technology is always as green as science can achieve for the specific process and application. It also runs the gamut from aqueous to a broad array of green solvent options. We are well equipped to help you understand your options during the technical evaluations. Of course, technical process evaluations are not 100% technical. Cleaning processes involve people: engineers, system operators, quality specialists and a host of other staff. These people have their own personal perspective of a cleaning process, often based on lengthy experience and routine habits often developed over many years.

While those technical elements are the “shiny object” drawing all the attention, most often success or failure hangs on the non-technical people issues involved with the cleaning process. These people issues turned out to be key at our automotive manufacturer.

Processes need to be robust and resilient, and all our people need to be safe in their environment and comfortable with changes in that environment.  Change can be hard, and often causes unexpected consequences both positive and negative. In the case of our automotive manufacturer, the shift from solvents to aqueous systems was a major change. There were drying issues to address, new rinse water effluent, and little details such as the parts were now hot when they exited the cleaning system. KYZEN’s team of cleaning scientists worked hand in glove with our customer through each step of the process: Defining the new process, highlighting the changes (whether performance or “physical”); implementing the new process; and training the local staff on how those changes would affect them personally and their production.

KYZEN cares enough to deliver support from start to finish.

Our automotive customer has been successfully operating the new cleaning processes KYZEN custom-developed for them for several years. Production and quality have never been higher and their business is prospering without any issues from their local regulatory authorities. The teamwork that led to this technology conversion success is a great example of where science and care converge.

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