Solving Corrosion Problems for Metal Finishing
Cleaning is all we do. True to the KYZEN name, we continuously work to improve the performance of our current products and to develop new products. We do this by listening to you, our customers, because your problems are our problems.

Over the past year, we listened to our metal finishing customers sharing a similar problem under two very different processes. One group of companies was using had a single stage washer (wash only, no rinse); while another used rinse systems to apply corrosion preventative materials.

What they didn’t know was that they shared a common problem and undesired end result: corrosion. Mild steel parts were rusting in both situations. Our technical support team went to work by examining the problems on multi-variant levels. Although the root causes were related, our cleaning science team recognized they were also quite different.. WE discovered that those operating a single stage washer were expecting their current cleaning products to achieve more than they were designed to achieve. These cleaners were not designed to serve as medium or long term corrosion preventatives. and the problems they encountered with these single stage washers only confirmed this.

Those using a wash and rinse section, however, had the same unfortunate end result: rusty parts. Yet, the root cause was different. Testing revealed they should have expected their cleaner to do more than wash. Testing suggested that their problem was not a poor quality corrosion preventative product either ~ though that was the cause on some occasions. Instead, this second group was experiencing a process control challenge caused by the inevitable wash solution being “dragged out” into the rinse stage(s) containing the corrosion preventative. he various common methods of process control: conductivity, refractive index or titration, in this situation, could not differentiate between the cleaning product and the corrosion preventative product. This made controlling the “mixed solution” in the rinse stages difficult, if not impossible. to do with any precision. With the support of our customers and cleaning equipment manufacturers, KYZEN’s industrial cleaning R&D team went to work. Once we evaluated the root causes, we focused our engineers on creating a solid new cleaning product (or product family) that could clean well but also deliver robust medium to long term corrosion prevention and eliminate the rust so commonly experienced in the field. Extensive development including many laboratory cleaning evaluations, extended atmospheric control chamber protocols and customer field evaluations, delivered the introduction of KYZEN METALNOX M6319CP and METALNOX M6324CP.

Because of our dedicated team of scientists, our METALNOX products have performed well in the field, solving the corrosion problem in both applications. The convergence of science and care makes all the difference when it comes to quality. and meeting the industry’s need for better performance and value from their cleaning agent supplier.