The ATAGO® Pocket Pal-1 and Sper® Scientific Refractometer are the two portable handheld refractometers recommended by KYZEN for determining the concentration of certain aqueous cleaning solutions. Both refractometers employ a simple prism that measures the amount by which light is refracted when passing through dissimilar materials. When used in conjunction with a refractive index chart made for your particular KYZEN cleaning solution, you can determine the accurate chemistry concentration and quickly assess if any additions need to be made.

The ATAGO® Pocket Pal-1 allows for a digital, portable reading while the Sper® Scientific Portable Refractometer is a manual, portable device.

Handheld refractometers can be used to determine wash bath concentration for aqueous cleaning solutions. Check for preferred control methods in your product’s Technical Supplement.

NOTE: Reach out to your KYZEN cleaning expert to determine the best method to check and monitor the concentration of your specific KYZEN cleaning chemistry.