The world’s first real-time, automatic concentration analytics system designed for all chemistries, not just a few. KYZEN ANALYST™ was developed in response to extensive research with process engineers who run cleaning applications and are responsible for productivity and quality every day of the week. Built from the ground up, KYZEN ANALYST meets the industry’s demanding needs for accuracy, reporting and analytics. It integrates with all cleaning machines and works with most cleaning agent brands, not just KYZEN products.

The KYZEN ANALYST monitors and analyzes wash bath concentration in real-time, to deliver versatile analytical report formats that are easily accessed anytime, anyplace from any device, if so desired. Using direct signal measurement technology for sniper-like precision, along with accuracy across higher temperature ranges, the KYZEN ANALYST is accurate in more conditions giving you more options to meet your process needs. With continuous instant readings, there’s no reason to think about manual readings ever again.

Calibrated for many KYZEN AQUANOX and METALNOX products as well as others.