Kyzen E5611 KYZEN® E5611 is a cost effective cleaning chemistry designed to be diluted for removing flux, solder paste and uncured adhesives from stencils and misprints. E5611 has proven compatible with most standard stencil cleaning equipment.

KYZEN E5611 is a concentrated pH-neutral aqueous cleaning chemistry designed to remove non-reflowed solder paste and uncured chip bonder adhesives from stencils and hardware following the printing process. The unique design of KYZEN E5611 allows the product to be applied without rinsing or applied and rinsed with electronic grade water following the cleaning process. This product works on a wide range of solder paste technologies, including water soluble, rosin, low residue and synthetic flux compositions. KYZEN E5611 is also effective at removing uncured SMT adhesives used to hold passive components prior to soldering.
NOTE: KYZEN E5611 is available in ready to use formulations.

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