Kyzen E5615KYZEN® E5615 is an aqueous based cleaner designed to be the fastest drying chemistry in the industry. E5615 is shipped ready to use and successfully removes unreflowed solder paste from stencils and related equipment.

KYZEN E5615 is an engineered cleaning fluid designed to reduce stencil under wipe coefficient of variation and improve transfer efficiency. The process of depositing solder paste on a circuit board for SMT assembly is highly complex and critical to the success of the assembly line. Numerous factors such as solder paste formulation and stencil printer setup affect the process quality. External factors such as the environment, humidity, response to pause, operator skill level as well as lot-to-lot solder paste variation influence process consistency over time.

KYZEN E5615 is a pH neutral cleaning agent that has no flash point to boiling. This product is an ideal replacement for IPA (isopropyl alcohol). The product is effective on water soluble, rosin and many no-clean solder paste products. KYZEN E5615 contains no non-volatile ingredients within the formulation, and as such, requires no solvent or water rinsing.

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