Metalnox M6319US

Metalnox M6319USMetalnox® M6319US is an alkaline cleaner designed to be used in ultrasonic metal parts cleaning systems. While effective on removal of most types of oils and greases, it is also an excellent chemistry for buffing, lapping and polishing compounds. M6319US will not etch or darken steel, copper or aluminum parts and will rinse completely leaving a spot free finish.

Metalnox M6319US is designed to be used at a concentration range of 3-25% in ultrasonic applications. The concentration range is dependent on the exposure time of the metal parts cleaning agent in the wash, wash time, applied mechanical energy and the nature of the soil. On high throughput wash processes, a higher concentration may be needed to reduce cleaning time. Matching the cleaning agent to the soil improves cleaning performance and reproducibility of metal parts cleaning results.

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