Metalnox M6380

Metalnox M6380Metalnox® M6380 is a modified alcohol based Metal Finishing solvent cleaner blend designed to clean a wide range of polar and non-polar soils from ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Metalnox M6380 metal parts cleaner is designed for use in automated vacuum vapor degreasing parts cleaning machines and is an alternative to halogenated vapor degreasing and aqueous cleaning processes. Metalnox M6380 cleans both non-polar and polar soils, has a stable composition and a narrow boiling range, and can be distilled and regenerated for consecutive cleaning cycles. This product is commonly used to clean metal parts supplied to the automotive, electronics, aerospace and other high tech industries.

Metalnox M6380 is a modified alcohol precision metal parts cleaning fluid effective on non-polar (lipophilic) and polar (hydrophilic) soils. The lipophilic function provides exceptional cleaning of water-insoluble oils and other non-polar soils. The hydrophilic function, unlike hydrocarbons, effectively dissolves and/or displaces water-soluble coolants and some salt formations via the hydrogen bonding properties of the alcohol and oxygen bonds present on the molecular structure of the cleaning agent.

Support Products for Metalnox M6380: Kyzen CP80, Kyzen Booster 80 & Kyzen Acid Acceptance Kit 2 (AAK2).

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