Metalnox M6381

Metalnox M6381Metalnox® M6381 is an aliphatic hydrocarbon blend specially designed for heavy-duty cleaning of oils, waxes, grease and shop dirt while being safe on ferrous, copper alloys, magnesium, aluminum, plastics rubbers, glass and ceramics.

Metalnox M6381 is a hydrocarbon solvent metal parts cleaner designed for use in continuous regenerated metal finishing solvent cleaning machines and is commonly used to clean metal parts supplied to the automotive, electronics, aerospace and other high-tech industries. Metalnox M6381 rapidly cleans the non-polar, petrochemical oils used for cutting, machining, drawing and lubricating metal parts. The narrow boiling range of Metalnox M6381 allows the product to be distilled and regenerated for consecutive cleaning cycles.

Cleaning machines used to process Metalnox M6381 concentrate oils and chips while regenerating the solvent for sequential metal parts cleaning applications. High volumes of clustered parts and challenging geometries (blind holes) are successfully cleaned and dried using vacuum distillation and drying technology.

Support Products for Metalnox M6381: Kyzen CP81, Kyzen Booster 81 & Kyzen Acid Acceptance Kit 3 (AAK3)

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