3M Novec Replacement – Part 2

What is vapor vacuum degreasing.
– Joe McChesney

Q: Can you use the same solvent in Vacuum Degreasing and traditional degreasers? If not, how are they different?

A: No, Vacuum degreasing solvents boil at a higher boiling point, as well as have a different chemical makeup.

Q: When is Vacuum Degreasing a better choice over traditional vapor degreasing processes?

A: When you have a process that requires removing both polar and non-polar soils, has complex geometry and bulk loading, or needs excellent drying, vacuum degreasing is a better choice. Traditional vapor degreasing still has emissive losses when the cover is open, and you do not receive multiple recipes as you do with the vacuum degreaser.

Q: What is the best method to ensure that Vacuum Degreasing solvents meet my cleaning requirements?

A: Test, Test, Test! Have your parts and soils sent to a professional company that can meet the cleaning, throughput, and environment specifications and requirements. KYZEN does this, so reach out to your representative for more information.

Q: Are Modified Alcohol or Hydrocarbon solvents subject to current environmental regulatory action?

A: Any solvent must meet the EPA and OSHA regulations. However, there is no examination for these solvents since they do not contain HFE, HFC, PFAS Materials, and chlorine type products, making them viable for the long term.