3M Novec Replacement – Part 3

What are your options?
– Beth Bivins

Q: Will the new replacement solvents work in my existing degreaser?

A: Yes. If you have an older degreaser, you may consider buying a new machine to conserve solvent because these solvents are very expensive, and it would help to have a degreaser that contains the solvent inside.

Q: What is the best method to ensure that any replacement solvent will provide the same cleaning results in my existing degreaser?

A: The best method would be to run a side-by-side comparison and evaluate the cleanliness of the parts you clean in your current process vs. the new solvent. This is something KYZEN can assist with; if you send in your dirty and clean parts, we can make the comparisons.

Q: Can I use Modified Alcohol or Hydrocarbon solvents in my open-top degreaser?

A: No. Modified Alcohol and Hydrocarbon are both combustible solvents, so you would not want to heat them in a vapor or open-top degreaser. The purpose of a vacuum degreaser is to keep air out of the system so that they don’t become flammable. You would always want to use Modified Alcohol and Hydrocarbon solvents in a vacuum vapor degreaser.

Q: How can I know if my new solvents will be available in the long term?

A: There are no guarantees, but KYZEN is confident that our solvents will be available for the foreseeable future.