Adding Corrosion Protection to Your Vacuum Degreasing Process

An effective way to keep your parts lasting longer.
–Will Sweet

Q: How long will the CP product protect my parts?
A: This question is very environment-dependent. We have seen 3-7% last for 60-90 days but it depends on your warehouse conditions, types of metal, etc.
Q: Where does the CP left on the tank walls go?
A: It goes into FT1 and eventually leaves the system with the process oils via the distillation process
Q: Does the CP leave a “wet” film behind on the parts?
A: NO, after drying, the CP will leave a dry, paraffin corrosion protection film on the part.
Q: Why would you not go with a pure wax CP?
A: Pure wax CPs are available in the market, however, they have to be melted down on the production floor in order to add them into the machine. Pure wax CP’s also run the risk of clogging up machine piping in auto-addition and oil-discharge systems because these pipes are not heated. These downsides outweigh the benefits of a pure wax RP.