Advanced Wash Bath Analysis

What is your cleaning chemistry telling you?
–Chuck Sexton

Q: How do you determine the bath is near end-of-life?
A: Your chemical supplier will work with you using techniques that are available to help you understand which method is best, and which of these parameters is the best measure for determining when you’re near the end of bath life. We compare these measure parameters to the level of part or component cleanliness that we’re seeing.
Q: What do you do if analytical methods do not predict end-of-life?
A: This will happen occasionally. Some of these techniques will not give you a good determination. Unfortunately, when this happens, it will monitor the cleanliness of the parts. It will base it on cycles, the number of parts cleaned, surface area, or we just put your bath on a particular time change out. The saying in our industry is “when in doubt, change it out.” And we like to know exactly when we are in doubt.
Q: What are the risks of poor bath conditions?
A: Number one, the cleanliness of your components will not be as good. Secondly, if there are conditions of buildup, like acid buildup, you can attack some of the substrates or the equipment that you’re cleaning bath is being used in.