Best Fit Applications for Hydrocarbon Vacuum Degreasing

Cleaning straight oils from small parts.
–Will Sweet

How high should the boiling point of my oil be to make sure that there are no issues in removing it from the solvent?
Great question. I would say higher than 220 degrees Celsius. That is to ensure that the oil is able to be separated from the solvent so that the solvent can continue going through the machine, being distilled, and you can have the cleanest solvent coming into contact with you parts going forward.

Is there any solvent loss in these systems?
Solvent loss, I would say that’s a strong word. I would choose to use the word solvent usage. Again, it’s not zero. Whenever the doors open and you put parts in or take parts out, there is going to be a little solvent that comes out. There is a small amount of solvent use, but these are very efficient machines and I would say there’s not a lot of solvent loss.

We clean off a lot of chlorinated oils and would expect to use a lot of what you called “booster neutralizer” will that hurt my cleaning capability, or could I ever overfill the machine with booster?
That’s another great question. I forgot to mention when I was talking about acid that the usual cause of acid is chlorinated oils. Whenever these chlorinated oils are in the machine, and you’re moving them with the solvent, they can decompose in the distillation and eventually produce hydrochloric acid decomposition in the distillation tank. This can be bad for you seals, pumps, and other mechanisms in your machine. This neutralizer booster, that’s what we have at KYZEN, is not going to hurt cleaning capability. It’s not going to hurt anything in your machine so you can’t add too much. Eventually it will make its way through the machine and if everything is neutralized and there is still some left, it will come out of the continuous oil discharge. With that being said, really heavy duty acidic operations which there isn’t many they are very rare, there can come a point where you will have to take out a little solvent so that you can add more booster. This is because of the pure capacity in the machine. I would encourage you to talk to both your machine and chemistry supplier if you’re worried about that. It is rare and you’re not going to have any issues with having too much booster.