Case Study Series

Commodity vs. Engineering Fluid.
–Ethan Mueller

Q: Is C8882 Compatible with all printers?

A: Though it is always good to check with your equipment manufacturer and chemical supplier – C8882 is run in thousands of printers across the globe with success in varying brands of printers. I would not expect issues with compatibility.

Q: Is C8882 flammable?

A: C8882 is classified as nonflammable material. Again, C8882 is run in thousands of printers worldwide and we are not aware of any fires in printers using this material. IPA on the other hand is flammable and has caused printer fires.

Q: How fast does IPA evaporate vs. C8882?

A: IPA does dry faster than C8882, However, the accelerated rate of evaporation is in part a reason you will need to dispense more IPA with each wipe. The quicker evaporation also impedes IPA’s ability to saturate paste which is part of the reason it does not clean apertures as well. Dialing in the fluid to your paper will ensure no issues with slump or contamination.

Q: Can I run my printer on Default settings?

A: Not recommended, a majority of engineers do not change the default settings for their fluid delivery system. This means you are counting on luck to be successful.

Q: Is C8882 compatible with all different paper rolls?

A: Yes, it is, however, the pocketed type of paper will provide you with the best results, because the pockets help pull the solder balls away from the apertures.