Case Study Series

Finding the Right Fit.
–Kelly Finch

Q: Is my Degreaser too old to change over?

A: Your degreaser isn’t necessarily too old per se. The question we would ask you is, will it still fit your needs and goals? Even an old machine can be improved to work well.

Q: What solvent should I use?

A: There is not one solvent that fits all situations. It is our responsibility to do our due diligence and present you with the best options for your solution.

Q: What is a KYZEN Kapture?

A: A KYZEN Kapture is an autonomous continuous solvent soil management system. This machine actively scavenges for soil in the solvent continuously while the degreaser is running to prevent, or greatly reduce, time and service cleanings.

Q: Can I request a complementary compatibility and cleaning test?

A: Absolutely you can! We highly recommend it. You can do this by visiting our website and requesting a cleaning test.