Case Study Series

Solutions for Acid Build-Up in a Vacuum Degreaser.
–Shawn Varney

Q: How Often should I be checking for acid in my system?

A: Normal operation = Every 1-2 months
Acid concern = Every few days or weekly. We suggest that upon startup, you always test because sometimes you don’t know.

Q: What happens if I am not testing for acid?

A: You could have the internal components on the machine eaten away or parts you are washing damaged

Q: Do all vacuum machine processes produce acid?

A: No, depends on what you are cleaning off. Remember, cleaning with Chlorinated and Brominated oils, coolants, and corrosion inhibitors may cause acid.

Q: How do I pull samples from my machine?

A: The machine should have sample ports all over. We often must add sample ports through a 2-ball valve system not to break the vacuum.