Case Study Series

“Cleaning in a Cabinet Spray Washer.
–Eric Bromley

Q: How is the METALNOX M6324CP concentration measured and controlled?

A: The best method for measuring the M6324CP is with Conductivity. Other methods of titration and refractometer can be offset with the introduction of oils and coolants into the bath, resulting in false readings where conductivity is not as affected. As for the control, manual additions are the simplest, but dosing systems that are controlled with conductivity are also available. Contact KYZEN for more information on these systems.

Q: When using the M6324CP in a high-pressure cabinet spray process, are there any concerns with foaming?

A: When cleaning in a high spray pressure process like this, activity foam is expected but once the wash pump is turned off this should quickly dissipate. The M6324CP has added defoamers built into the formula to greatly minimize excess foaming.

Q: Is the M6324CP multi-metal safe?

A: The M6324CP is safe for use with all ferrous materials and some aluminum and yellow metals like brass and copper with short exposure. With the many different grades of aluminum and yellow metals, we always recommend it’s best to test prior to implementing.