Case Study Series

Finding the Right Solution –  Aqueous Cabinet Spray Washer .
– Will Sweet

Q: What other issues can a chemical change fix by itself?

A: There are several. For instance, there are chemicals that can solve foaming issues. These chemicals are typically low-temperature chemistries and therefore, tend to foam less with most soils. Also, corrosion protection issues are something else that can be fixed with a chemical change. We have products that are cleaners but also have a corrosion protection package mixed in. So, cleaning with one of these products could be a way to solve a corrosion issue.

Q: Why wasn’t a product with high levels of protection used?

A: One of the main goals of this project was not to affect paint adhesion. So, we wanted to leave as little residue behind as possible. We knew a dedicated corrosion protector would leave too much residue on the surface.

Q: What if we don’t have the bandwidth to allow one or several cleaning trials in our plant?

A: Talk to your chemical provider or your machine provider. Many of them have dedicated labs or cleaning equipment set up for testing. KYZEN has world-class applications and analytical laboratories that our customers can use for this reason