Case Study Series

Converting to a New Vapor Degreasing Solvent for Medical Device Cleaning
–Beth Bivins

Q: What tests must I run on my cleaned parts to qualify for a new cleaning solvent?

A: It depends on the end use of your product. If it’s implanted in the body, there are more rigorous tests that you would have to do compared to material that is not in direct contact. We can refer you to labs that do the testing you feel is the most appropriate.

Q: Can I evaluate other types of cleaning processes to clean my parts?

A: Yes. There are a variety of cleaning processes. The most crucial factor is to validate which one is the correct process for you.

Q: What information will KYZEN provide after lab cleaning trials?

A: We will provide a detailed report, data sheets, information on all the equipment used, and anything else you feel is important to know.

Q: Will KYZEN assist in converting a vapor degreaser to a new solvent?

A: Absolutely. We have a team of people whose job is to assist in vapor degreaser conversions and to make sure our product is running correctly in your machine.