Case Study Series

EV Market Transmission Parts.
–Phil Tomasello

Q: Are “Combination Chemistries” very common?

A: Candidly, “combination chemistries” are not very common. As a value-added manufacturer, KYZEN creates unique chemistries that address the targeted needs of manufacturers, to solve difficult parts-cleaning challenges.

Q: Why is using a “Combination Chemistry” important?

A: “Combination Chemistries” provide a great single-product option to address both cleaning and rust protection needs. These chemistries eliminate flash-corrosion concerns between wash/rinse stages and help manufacturers streamline processes for managing the concentration of chemistry.

Q: How can I determine if a “Combination Chemistry” is right for my application?

A: As with any parts-cleaning challenge, it is best to reach out to your trusted chemistry resource, to identify; soils, substrates, equipment, and cleanliness specifications. Once these details can be reviewed in the context of the project, your chemistry partner can recommend efficacy testing at their lab (depending upon the level of complexity), or simply provide a proven solution.