Case Study Series

Electrical Transformer Pre-Paint Cleaning Packaging.
–Eric Bromley

Q: Once the M6432 removes all the soils, how are they removed from the wash bath?

A: Like many others, this cleaning system is equipped with an oil separation system. The M6432 has been designed to split the oils from the wash bath and pop it to the surface for easy removal from this system. The solids and particulates are collected in cartridges or bag filters.

Q: Because this is a spray-in-air process, does the M6432 have any foaming issues?

A: No, the M6432 is designed with a defoamer built into the formulation to keep the foaming to a minimum. You will see some activity foam from the spray process, but it’s minimal, and once the pumps stop, it will quickly dissipate.

Q: How is the METALNOX M6432 concentration measured and controlled?

A: The concentration of the M6432 and many of the other KYZEN METALNOX chemistries is best measured using conductivity. The other common methods of testing a wash bath titration and refractometer, can be skewed by the soils in the bath and not recommended. The chemistry concentration is controlled through manual additions or a chemistry dosing pump activated by the wash tank water feed or when tied into an electronic conductivity meter with a signal output to trigger the pump.