Case Study Series

Conductivity Control System (CCS).
–Wayne Raney

Q: How often should I clean my CCS conductivity probe?

A: If you perform a calibration check and your readings are correct, you don’t need to clean the probe. But, once you start noticing that you need to calibrate the probe after a calibration check, then that will give you an idea of how often to clean the probe. It is safe to clean it at least twice a week.

Q: Does the CCS have automatic temperature compensation? Does the Oakton Meter have automatic temperature compensation?

A: Both have automatic temperature compensation.

Q: My cleaning machine is not a spray-in-air system, so how can I connect the probe where it will get a representative sample of the wash solution?

A: Sometimes, your particular system has a recirculation pump we can use. But, sometimes, we have to add a recirculation pump. You can work with KYZEN to see what is needed to help get a good measurement, and we can help add a pump to your system if needed.

Q: I frequently find that I have an empty-drum condition, and it is hard to prime the LMI pump when I connect a new drum…do you offer a system that will tell me when the drum is empty or is low?

A: Yes. KYZEN offers a couple of different systems to measure the level in a drum. One is a manual drum level stick and the other provides a light tower and alarms when the drum is low or if the drum is empty. You can contact us if you would like a quote for one of these systems.