Case Study Series

Managing the Expectations.
–Kevin Buckner

Q: Can these products be used on all metal types? Aluminum, Steel, and Iron?

A: They can be used on Aluminum, Steel, and Iron. However, the only time we have seen an issue is the darkening of a magnesium-type blend for a valve cover.

Q: How do you determine a loaded bath?

A: An NVR Test, which we can happily do. It takes a non-voluminous solution, puts it under a heat lamp, and evaporates off everything that can be evaporated, leaving a non-volatile residue. A simple calculation is made that can tell you what level percentage your bath is loaded.

Q: When do you typically add chemistry to the bath?

A: With these chemistries, I recommend a titration-type product. Take a sample, use some drops, and eventually, it will change color based on the concentration of the liquid itself. That way, you know whether you have a strong chemistry or water concentration and if you need to add either.

Q: What if there is an effluent issue at the plant, and I cannot drop chelators into my wastewater stream?

A: KYZEN has other products that have different chelators in them with fantastic results. Contact your local KYZEN regional manager; we will find the best chemistry for your needs.