Case Study Series – Advanced Packaging

CU Pillar Flip Chip Cleaning.
– Scott Cain and Jason Chan

Q: If the capacity of the DRAM parts is increased with the Flip Chip, is it safe to assume that this process will be the standard moving forward?

A: Like many applications, it’s not as easy as a simple implementation. There needs to be a determination of the cost, throughput, product design, and value of the increase in capacity.

Q: What is the traditional time frame required for KYZEN to run a trial like this?

A: Historically, it takes approximately two weeks from the receipt of the parts to have results as well as an accompanying report with comparison pictures.

Q: If I am working with a unique combination of materials, what can be done to make sure the chemistry will not create any issues?

A: When KYZEN runs solubility testing on the compatibility of a chemistry, many materials are included in this trial, and if a non-traditional material set is required, our team can easily run this test to confirm the integrity of the materials will meet your requirements.