Case Study Series – Advanced Packaging

“Power Module Cleaning.
–Scott Cain and Jason Chan

Q: What type of applications are most popular for IGBTs?

A: The high voltage applications are the best for IGBT applications, applications such as electric vehicles, photovoltaic and home appliances.

Q: Was there OSP (Organic Solubility Preservative) on these parts?

A: There was OSP on these units. The OSP provides a layer of anti-tarnish treatment so there will not be oxidation after the cleaning process. In cleaning applications such as this, we need to make sure to dial in the application to keep the integrity of the finish.

Q: How was the solubility testing done?

A: It is based on the Hansen Solubility standards. The process is to take some of the chemistry and put percentages of flux in the vials, stimulate a SIA cleaning process, and then evaluate how much of the flux is dissolved in the material.