Case Study Series – Advanced Packaging

Well Balanced Chemistry for PMICs Cleaning
–Scott Cain and Jason Chan

Q: With the time being 10 minutes in the ultrasonic, is that the quickest it could be cleaned?

A: With a situation like this our goal is to meet the demands of the customer and that’s why it was run at 10 minutes. The first goal of any trials that we run is to get the cleaning to meet the customer’s demands, the next step is to optimize the cleaning process.

Q: It was stated that this is still trial material. What are the next steps until this becomes a mass-produced product?

A: The first step to approving a product is to run it in the lab and see results like what we discussed during this presentation. Additionally, during this time, the flux manufacturers will be running trials on their own to confirm alignment between the results. If both companies agree, then we will look for a customer who is willing to be a beta site to confirm that everything works the same in a real-world environment.

Q: What is the goal of the cleaning besides a visually clean sample?

A: While visible is a great starting point, we additionally need to make sure that it leaves great surface conditions for post-wire bond and potting processes.