Case Study Series – Advanced Packaging

Solubility Testing for Advanced Packaging.
– Scott Cain and Jason Chan

Q: Why were fresh and reflow fluxes both tested during the analysis?

A: The end customer wanted to have a comparison between the materials for their internal knowledge. The most important data will be pulled from the reflowed flux, and we were happy to assist with providing all the required information.

Q: Is it normal for a customer to provide the material anonymously, and what effect does this have on the results?

A: It is rare yet not unheard of. There are instances where this happens yet it is more useful for our team to know as much information at the beginning so we can make sure to attempt to meet the customer requirements with the material that best fits the application.

Q: Are these tests something that I can run in the field?

A: Absolutely, assuming that you are in possession of all the materials. This particular case is quite a large undertaking, and we are happy to assist. If you are looking to do a one-off, our team can walk you through the procedures to make sure the information is of the most value.